Get to know the basic garments for the male wardrobe. Indeed you think it is not easy to build a versatile look with only ten elements, but we believe that it is possible, and we will prove it to you with this post. With these items, you can go to a wedding, a bar, a job interview, or a date. Keep reading and take note of these tips.

Take advantage of versatile pieces.

When it comes to men’s clothing, men generally have items that they don’t wear or wear very rarely. For gentlemen, quality over quantity is essential.

A very versatile garment, for example, is a long-sleeved white cotton shirt. Ideal for wearing with a suit and tie, but it will also look great with jeans. Blue is also essential in the male wardrobe.

A tie and a suit are versatile because you can use them for different occasions; remember that we mentioned ten basic presses. But you can have a more extensive wardrobe based on the elements we mentioned.

Basic garments for the men’s wardrobe

1. Navy blue blazer

A navy blue blazer is an excellent investment; you could have the complete suit if your budget allows it. It is a very versatile element and a classic in the male wardrobe.

Regardless of your day-to-day style, you should have a suit in this color as a man because there will always be an opportunity to wear it at a day wedding, a baptism, a communion, or even a job interview.

It is essential that when buying it, it is your size, that it fits you well, and that the fabric is of quality. It is recommended that it be two buttons due to the versatility of this style.

2. Blue dress shirt

A formal dress shirt will give you a better look for specific occasions. Ideally, it should be light blue, because it is versatile, you can have a formal look, but also more casual than a white shirt.

This tone will allow you to wear the shirt with or without a tie. It is recommended to be made of cotton fabric because you can use it in summer and winter.

As with the suit and blazer, you should buy a shirt that fits you well, that is tailored to you. Many men choose to make the purchase and then take it to a tailor to have it done because having a custom one would be much more expensive.

3. White button-down shirt

We already mentioned the white button-down shirt at the beginning; this is a classic in the male wardrobe. It is an element that can be very casual or very formal, depending on what you combine it with.

The Oxford type is an excellent option; this cut brings a lot of versatility to your wardrobe. It is a shirt you can wear with jeans or a night out, but you can also wear it under a cardigan or suit.

It is one of the essential elements of the male wardrobe. When buying it, focus on quality, that it fits you well and you feel comfortable with it. Please consider that you can close the neck but do not choke you and that all the buttons close well.

4. A tie

The tie is an essential element in the male wardrobe. Although depending on your work and your daily style, it may be a garment you use very little.

Nowadays wearing a tie is not so typical, it is used for work (only if it is mandatory), for special presentations or celebrations such as weddings. But this is no reason not to have one because you will eventually need it if you are invited to a formal event, for example.

Ideally, you should have one in a neutral color that matches your shirts and suits. May it be blue or grey, silk, cotton or wool.

You’ll probably need more than just one tie if you work as an executive. As we mentioned, Everything depends on your lifestyle; these are the essential elements for any gentleman’s wardrobe; you can vary them depending on your needs.

5. Gray suit

Continuing with the dress clothes, a gray suit cannot be missing from your wardrobe. You can wear it for any occasion, whether a job interview, a wedding, or a night out.

It is a piece you should invest because if you stay in shape or the same size, it will last you for a few years. A good tailor will be your best friend in this case because if you buy one in the store, it will probably not be perfect, but this professional will be able to adjust it to suit you.

6. Dark jeans

As a man, you probably have more than one pair of jeans in your wardrobe. But we want to mention one that is basic, dark jeans and straight or skinny. We all know this garment is very flexible and used for different occasions.

But dark men’s jeans will help you look much better if they fit you well. When buying them, look at them as if they were the pants of a suit; they must be tailored to you, of the correct length, that fit well at the waist. Avoid buying cheap denim; the fabric will never look the same as quality ones; they should do well with clear straight lines.

The darker the fabric, the better; too light-washed materials will not do your look any good. Don’t be afraid to invest a little more money in these; a good pair of jeans will last a few years as long as you know how to take care of them.

Tip: remember that even if they are jeans, you must match the tone of the pants with that of the socks.

7. White T-shirt

You can have not one but several white shirts and other shades. The first thing you should consider is that they are your size and fit you well, not too broad or tight. You can have a round neck or “v.” Everything will depend on your taste.

When it comes to white t-shirts, men almost always choose the cheapest option precisely because it looks like a simple piece of clothing. But, after a few washes, you will see how it begins to look bad and damage the fabric. The best thing is to invest in a quality one made of good cotton; you will be able to use it more, it will last longer, and you will look better.

8. Chinos

These pants are a great option when wearing jeans is not an option and when you want to dress up a bit but not be too formal.

In this type of pants, avoid the skinny cut because they will lose their masculine charm. I prefer a brown color that is neither too light nor too dark because they will be much more versatile.

As in all the garments we have mentioned, ensure that they fit you well and your body correctly. You don’t want them to look too wide or too tight. The idea is the Slim-fit cut.

9. Brown shoes

Surely you will think that the ideal or essential shoes for men are the black ones with braids, but if you are looking for something versatile, the brown Oxford shoes with braids are the ideal ones. These are very versatile and easy to combine.

With shoes, just like the other basics mentioned, you want to invest and buy a good pair. Because they will be more comfortable and they will look much better.

10. White sneakers

A much more casual option for weekends or walks in summer. I think that they will combine with jeans and chino pants.

Always keep them clean, because if you have them dirty, they will speak ill of you. There are excellent options for white shoes at incredible prices; avoid those with large logos or many decorations.

Other items you can include in your wardrobe

  • Black Oxford shoes are an excellent option to wear with suits and jeans too.
  • Polo shirts: it is a classic element of men’s clothing. The primary colors would be blue and white. You can opt for a Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt.
  • Cardigan: it must fit well; remember that they are naturally loose.
  • Coat: depending on your style, you choose the one you like the most. For winter, you should have at least one skin.
  • Leather belt: always match your belt with your shoes.

These are the basic garments for the male wardrobe. Do you have them all? Which ones are you missing? You can look for options from different brands in our online store to complete your look.

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