Clothing is a functional and representative gift, although a poor choice can bring discomfort and disappointment to the other person. Before taking this step, review these selection criteria.

Give away clothes at Christmas, an excellent option

When thinking about what to give for Christmas, our mind goes blank. It isn’t easy to see a clear path between so many offers, various products, and consumers in stores. But some details do not fail on any occasion, one of them is the clothes.

Giving clothes as a gift is an affordable and intelligent solution for Christmas exchanges with family and friends. We all need to dress up, don’t we? And what better time to be brand new than this? Take into account that for this kind of present you must have the other person visualized and know at least the basics of her tastes. Otherwise, you may make a wrong choice that you will never use.

So that you don’t make mistakes in your choice, we have prepared a simple checklist of criteria for giving clothes at Christmas.

Six criteria for giving clothes at Christmas

1. Are you male or female?

This point is essential for the preferences in the style of dress between ladies and gentlemen. Sports and semi-formal clothing is the ideal gift for men, especially if it is close to their partner or father. Polo shirts are garments that work for any gentleman; you can also dare with a classic sweatshirt.

For women, the situation is complicated, and you will have to be more observant of the details. We recommend leaning towards a comfortable sweater with a fresh design or a t-shirt, both perfect garments to wear daily.

2. Your particular tastes

To determine a person‘s tastes, you must consider their age, daily activities, and interests. This task requires a little observation on your part. If they are close, everything will be more accessible. Otherwise, you will have to give yourself the task of investigating.

Research the person, and look for photos of them on Facebook or Instagram to get an idea of ​​their style. Think about the clothes you wear to go out with friends or to work. In their interactions, you can also see if they have a favorite e-commerce to buy their clothes.

3. Be careful with the sizes!

The complexity of giving clothes more than the style lies in the sizes. You must investigate the person’s measurements; this will be easy if it is a relative or your partner. You should also consider his body type and if that garment suits him. See if you’ve worn similar clothing before to establish points of comparison.

4. Stop thinking about yourself

If you buy a person of the same sex, it will be inevitable to project yourself into the situation. “How will this fit me? How gorgeous!” or “This garment is on sale, you have to take advantage of it!” are thoughts that will go through your mind. But you must control yourself and think about the recipient of the gift—the clothes you like do not mean that they will be like that for the other person.

Keep your previous research in mind at all times. If necessary, take a photo of the person on your phone to imagine what clothes will suit them.

5. Do not get complicated in the selections

Look for functional, classic, and neutral-toned clothing if you’re unsure about the other person’s tastes. Nothing to get complicated with dresses, jeans, or unique designs. Keep it simple; remember that we all need those “classic chic” garments like Hilfiger sweaters in our wardrobe.

6. Buy good quality clothes

Even if your budget is small, there are possibilities of finding good quality brand clothes at gift prices. Remember that it is Christmas time! Online stores and businesses offer irresistible promotions for these dates.

Try to buy early to avoid crowds and find variety. But, if you are jealous of your peace order in the online store of your choice.

Giving a low-quality garment leaves a negative impression that is difficult to remove. Even if you make a mistake in the choice due to taste or size, no one can accuse you of giving the wrong clothes.

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