Garros, scarves, handbags, jewelry, laminated pieces, and more are part of the accessories that will make your look stand out in winter. We will show you the trends in accessories to wear this 2017 in the city.

Highlight your winter outfit with a couple of accessories

In fashion magazines, the businesses look beautiful and sophisticated, and the models pose with confidence and energy as if the cold did not exist, but it does exist! The temperatures below zero in 2016-2017 were immediate, and in these circumstances, we can only think about how to keep warm and not suffer so much from inclement weather.

To cover and protect yourself, sometimes you give up going with the latest trends in clothing. You only care about having a comfortable, soft, and warm coat. This is the norm since the first thing is to be healthy and strong to go to work and go out with friends and family.

One way to play with the rules of winter fashion and enhance the look is to use accessories. These accessories make it easy to embellish your garments, and thousands of possible combinations to play with from printed pieces, bags, scarves, glasses, necklaces, and more.

The proposals for this winter are interesting as they bring together two contrasting styles: boho chic and classic cut. Depending on your personality, try one of them.

Eight accessories that will highlight your winter look

Just as there are different styles of winter coats, there are also hundreds of other accessories this season, but we have selected eight that we believe can complement your winter look well.

1) Colorful vs. classic scarves

Scarves are fundamental pieces each winter; they protect one of the body’s most sensitive areas, such as the neck. The style you choose is the key to including it in your look. The classic or colorful ones, made of materials such as wool and cashmere, are the best to cover you this cold season.

Make simple and practical knots to go to work in the morning. Please do not leave this point neglected, or it will become a non-functional piece in your outfit. Look for a design that suits your style, squares, plain colors, prints, light tones, drawings, and others.

If you lean towards classic scarves, go for monochromatic and cashmere as a material. You can search online stores or markets for quality pieces.

2) Glitter accessories

The pieces with glitter or decorations of this style are a trend in accessories that will highlight your look this winter 2017. With little investment, you can revive old accessories with a bit of glitter or shine; this applies to shoes, jewelry, handbags, and even hats. This way, you will stand out wherever you go.

For a sophisticated look, apply a thin black or navy blue layer with sparkling glitter or include small details in your daily accessories.

3) Ballpoint caps

A soft and warm accessory to protect your head from the cold. It is traditionally knitted in wool and has a ball in a plush material in different sizes on top. We recommend you look for one in a neutral color and vary the shapes. They can include pom poms on the sides or a simple design.

4) Geometric jewelry

In fantasy accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, a trend to apply is that of geometric jewelry. The clean and sophisticated result adds a delicate touch too bulky winter garments. They adapt to all styles, from the classics to the most daring; the important thing is not to go outside the structural lines when creating these pieces.

5) Gloves with embedded details

This piece is like a two-in-one, the gloves protect your hands from the cold, and the embedded details give style to the garment. By these, we mean studs, lace, closures, costume jewelry, laminates, bows, and embroideries that turn an accessory for the cold into a fashionable one.

6) Letter bag with classic and clean details

Letter bags are perfect for bringing delicacy and sophistication to a winter look. The best ones are with a delicate chain or cord to cross your torso and carry comfortably everywhere. If you have a classic style, you can add some pieces such as laminates, colored fabrics (riveted), or printed vinyl. Another idea is to place a bit of glitter in a strategic part of the accessory.

If you are one of those who tend to carry many items in your bag, this piece may not work for you. You can opt for a minimalist backpack or a satchel-style bag to go for a walk.

7) Neck collars

Yes, it sounds redundant, but everything has a reason. This type of accessory works like a button-down shirt collar and is decorated with studs, glitter, and ethnic and woven motifs in other seasons. From time to time, they return to fashion magazines and blogs. Use it on the warmest days of winter to take advantage of it.

They can be obtained in plush materials, giving an extra projection in this area when leaving.

8) Fedoras

Classic lovers will love fedora hats. These do not clash with almost any look due to their cuts and neutral tones. They work for both men and women to put together an urban outfit. You can customize them according to your style with studs, ribbons, or bows.

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