Appearance is vital in the office, and there are basic rules such as not wearing too short skirts or tight pants. It would help if you were dressed according to your professional role and the company’s values.

How to choose clothes to work in the office

Each job is different; some give more freedom than others in terms of implementing rules to dress in the office. However, some premises must be respected to avoid looking out of place in the workplace. Nothing very flashy, not very sexy, informal or gala clothes… In short, don’t wear anything that goes to any extreme.

Dressing appropriately is essential because our image communicates a message to those around us. And in the office, we want to live up to the role we represent. What you wear should enhance your skills and, at the same time, be modest so that your work -and not your clothes– is your cover letter.

When you put together your look to work, think about your role within the organization and what image you want to project. Are you creative? Do you like to work in a team? Do you see yourself as the leading figure in the office? Or, maybe you are practical and want to be the one who keeps calm in the chaos that work hours can be.

What you wear should reflect who you are and why you are there. If you don’t know what to wear, we recommend you look at what your classmates are wearing at Lolita Moda. It is not about copying your style but studying the dress code to adapt it to your personality.

Do not exaggerate, wanting to draw attention to your clothes. On the contrary, modesty and elegance are appreciated in any company. If you are starting a job, dress formally on the first day. Over time you will know the most appropriate style for your career, and you will also be able to ask for advice from your colleagues.

It would help if you went formal on the days you have work meetings. You must transmit trust, stability, and leadership to your bosses, colleagues, and clients. Appropriately clothing and colors will help you portray the role you want.

How to dress for a job interview?

You have to look good from the first contact with your potential employer. The main rule is to dress according to your desired job position. Your future boss will evaluate not only your work experience but also the image you convey. If your presence fits the company’s values, count it as an advantage.

For your first interview, choose an outfit with primary colors like blue, white, black, or beige. Tailored suits are an excellent alternative since they convey seriousness. But if they are not your style, you have other options, such as fitted pants or a pencil skirt, combined with a shirt and a blazer. The most important thing is that you feel confident in your outfit.

If you think this look is very sober and want to give it more life, you can do it with accessories and accessories. Once again, the key is not to overdo it. You can highlight your style with a scarf in a more striking tone than the clothes. You can also wear a bracelet or necklace that goes well with your clothes.

As for the shoes that are neither flat nor very high, choose medium heels with which you are comfortable. This advice is for the interview and any day at work.

Avoid wearing low-cuts, transparencies, miniskirts, and worn or ripped jeans (although it is better to avoid these pants altogether). Ornate makeup is also not a good idea. You are not going to a fashion show or a beauty pageant but to a job interview. Opt for something simple that does not divert attention from your professional abilities.

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