Let’s see what the essential garments for your office look are.

  • Blouses. You must have at least one white, one black, and one blue blouse. You can combine these in different looks and highlight them with accessories, shoes, and a bag. You can add some colors like pinks, light greens, and even discreet patterns.
  • Jackets and blazers. Also, try to have them in the primary colors and add one in camel. The number of models available will be your ally to achieving the style you are looking for in your outfit. You can choose a classic cut for meeting days or a more modern and youthful one like the Only Soho Cream jacket for occasions when you can go more casual.
  • Skirts. If you like dresses, avoid wearing them too short. Ideally, they should be mid-calf. For this reason, pencil skirts are appropriate for the office and do not go out of style. As for colors, black is the best option.
  • Pants. Nothing that is very tight or marks the underwear. Black pants are essential for any occasion at work. Grey, camel, and dark blue are also necessary.
  • Shoes. Indeed they will have to walk a lot during the workday, and you want to be comfortable so that your feet support the day’s load. The most recommended heels for the office are medium height, but you can vary according to the occasion.
  • Bags and purses. Invest in a bag for the office. Have one in nude color and one in black so you can combine them with any look. The size must be adequate to carry your belongings, such as the plan, tablet, makeup, wallet, etc.

And don’t think that rules are only for women. Men must also respect the rules of etiquette in the office. In most cases, the most appropriate are suits. But if there is one detail they should pay attention to, it is how to combine shirts and ties.

What conveys the color of clothing in the office?

The colors you choose in your wardrobe also convey a message to your colleagues and clients. These are linked to your personality, but you should also consider where you work.

Summarizing the meaning of colors, black is classic. It transmits elegance, leadership, and intelligence. If this is what you want to portray when entering your office, this is the tone to use. By combining black with a firm technique like red, you convey power. This set will be widespread in affirming managers, whether they are women.

White and pastel tones reflect creativity, while blue is a tone that conveys serenity. Use beige and caramel to show that you are organized and reliable in your work.

With gray, you can show that you are practical and, at the same time, demonstrate stability and security. In the infographic, you will find some possible combinations that will make you look good in the office at the end of the post.

What do you think of these recommendations to build your wardrobe for work? Please tell us what essential garments you must put together for your work look.

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