Not everyone has a clear idea of what to give for a birthday. There are times when they can be more sentimental, funny or even functional. What is clear is that we have to give gifts very often, and surprising your loved ones is in your hands. That is the reason we have come up with some unique and trendy birthday gift box ideas for your loved ones or any other special person in your life.

Types of birthday gift boxes

First of all, you need a good kraft cardboard gift box. With this material, in addition to making a very original surprise, you will be using recycled cardboard to also help the planet. Forget the plastic bags with bright and garnish paints, and take a step towards a more minimalist and sustainable packaging, the more elegant, the better impression it will make.

Each surprise gift box model may depend on whether it is a gift box for a best friend or for a boyfriend or girlfriend, for instance. It can also vary in shape or content based on the type of support used. Case boxes with a kit, cardboard trays to give food as a gift, or other wonderful ideas mentioned below.

Surprise gift box trends

When we think of a surprise gift box or a birthday box, we imagine a very original detail that will delight any person. It is necessary that we know the person who is going to receive the gift for the reason that the content of each box depends on that. We can say that one of the most notable trends is to give experiences, instead of objects.

If the taste of a person is very clear, you can always go the easy way. For instance, if your friend is a wonderful artist or would like to start learning, an original gift would be a surprise box with an artistic kit. Starting with a cardboard briefcase, we put inside a series of items that one is sure to like – A notebook for watercolors, a set of various paints and a good candle to bring her inspiration – a personalized gift is always the best choice.

As mentioned above, surprise small gift boxes can have several different shapes and contents, but the important thing is that they are made with love. Custom gifts are trendy for the reason that they are made particularly for a specific individual, and are much more precise as compared to any other detail made without thinking. That is, there is not a gift that is fashionable in particular, but the fact of making one of these boxes.

Now that you have seen quite a lot of examples of the ways to make an original gift box with the cardboard boxes and a variety of accessories, how are you going to surprise your special someone? Do not think twice and get one of the best custom gift boxes with a logo from The Housewarming Project. We have a variety of gift boxes available to surprise a special someone!

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