In this case, the challenge is to create curves so that the body does not look so straight. To define the figure, you have to mark the waist and highlight those parts where you want more volume without exaggerating.

Textures and light colors will be great allies. Take a look at these tips:

  • Choose tight coats that mark the waist.
  • To add volume to the breasts, highlight this part with patterned fabrics and accessories.
  • For the hips, pockets on the sides will make them appear more expansive.
  • Pinched and asymmetrical coats will also help you create more curves.

Women with a round body

Contrary to the previous point, curvy women should put aside those coats that give more volume to their bodies. Classic and straightforward cuts work in your favor. As well as dark colors. However, you don’t have to wear black or brown—Galway always gives you to freedom to experiment with colors that make you look elegant.

The keys to choosing the perfect coat for your figure are the following:

  • Use fitted coats at the waist to highlight your curves.
  • The most suitable length is above the knees. If they are longer, they will make you look even more significant.
  • Choose an item of clothing that doesn’t have a lot of embellishments on the front.
  • Double button lines will give you more volume. Opt better for those with invisible zippers.
  • Set the patterns aside. It iszippersr that you use solid colors.

Coats to hide the hips

This is what pear-shaped women are looking for: wide hips and a small back. The ideal coat manages to balance the proportions to stylize the figure.

  • The V-neckline will highlight your upper body and draw attention to your face.
  • A-line coats will hide the size of your hips and thighs.
  • The shoulder pads and straps will give more volume to this body part.
  • Also, coats with a fur collar will help you balance the proportions of your body.

Women with broad shoulders and ample bust

In this case, you have to hide the upper part of the body, so you should avoid everything that highlights it. On the contrary, you should accentuate the waist and look for rounded shapes. Take a look at these tips:

  • Don’t wear coats with shoulder pads.
  • If you have a large bust, the coat should be open, so it does not look tight.
  • Skins below the breasts will allow attention to be diverted from this part.
  • Wear ponchos and capes to add volume to the hips.

women with hourglass body

This body type is already balanced, so in this case, you should also look for a coat that complements your figure. Those that are fitted and with a V-neck will look good on you. The A-line cut will suit you well if you are also tall.

Here you will have no limitations with the accessories. Big buttons, double lines, structured collars… Try all of them; they will surely flatter your figure. If you are short, be careful not to add these elements since, as we already mentioned, they will give volume to your body and subtract centimeters from your height.

To finish, we can’t help but remind you that whatever coat you wear, you must treat them appropriately because you will use them for more than one season. These tips for caring for clothes will help you do just that.

Ready to choose the ideal coat according to your body type? We hope this article will help you achieve it.

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