“Fashion is a boomerang” reappears every twenty years; therefore, in Lolita Moda, your store to buy branded clothing online, we will recount the fashion timeline and how to use these trends in 2016. Each decade has its particularity that you can reincorporate into your current style. In the article below, learn how to reinterpret the best of each fashion era.

the roaring 20s

The most notable trends for men in the 1920s were wide-leg oxfords, pinstripe suits, tuxedos, knickerbockers, two-tone shoes, the salesman hat of newspapers and that of a bowler. Slim-fit suits with waistcoats were also an essential part of men’s wardrobes, often adding a tie and pocket square for a pop of colour to their look.

Women were making their way into the world; they began to join the workforce in the 1920s, especially in countries like the United States or Great Britain. The streets were suddenly full of women. The “flappers” (as fashionable Western girls of this generation were known) were the ones who gave life to this new spirit of living, not only in fashion and lifestyle, the very famous saying “the roaring twenties” is synonymous with it.

Most women did not choose this lifestyle but favoured the time’s fashion. The dresses were characterized by loose low waists, with the length to the knee and fringes; they became the significant trend.

How to adapt the 20’s to 2016?

To adapt to fashion, women can wear a low neckline. They can wear a skirt with a top or a dress, imitating the original flappers; they must be low-waisted, loose to the knees—high-heeled shoes with a closed toe.
The modesty of the 30s

In the 30s, fashion changed; at that time, men were quite frugal due to the depression that began in the United States, but that affected the leading economies of the world, including ours. Gentlemen wanted to look still like they had a fabulous closet, so they bought suits that they could mix and match. During the summer, they wore coloured jackets with white pants; this was very popular even with men with money.

For their part, women returned to a slightly more modest and feminine style. The focal point of her clothing now was the hips, calf-length skirt, high neck, and shoulder pads, one of the most recognizable fashion elements of this era being puffed sleeves and giving the dress a more feminine style than in the previous decade.

How to wear it today?

If the gentlemen want to adapt the 30s to 2016, they can wear a navy blazer (blue) that is easy to combine with all colours. Wear with a light-coloured shirt with simple patterns. They coloured “Chinese-type” pants in white and look great for summer.

Women’s adaptation to this fashion is not so similar to the feminine style of the time; they could opt for a basic blazer with puffed sleeves (not too much). Well-fitting pants give balance to the top garments, combined with closed heels at the front.

The 1940s and the end of World War II

After the World War ended in 1945, there was little time left in this decade to analyze fashion. The men wanted to express their relief and be more fun with their style. They got that with Hawaiian shirts that they wore outside and were used for the rest of the decade.

Fashion took a back seat for women during the first five years of the decade due to the war. After this, Christian Dior was probably the one who made an impact with a new proposal focused on women’s hips, giving the appearance that they have a tiny waist, prominent bust and excess fabric in the skirt to make it look more luxurious.

How to wear those trends in 2016?

Men can wear hipster glasses and trendy Hawaiian shirts fitted to the body. They can wear jeans or chino pants, but they must also be tight and with the hem rolled up.

The simplicity characterizes this adaptation, with a simple blouse accentuating the bust area, a thin belt to emphasize the waist, and a long skirt and heels that show the foot.

More from the Fashion Timeline: The 1950s

Gentlemen: following the fashion timeline, what men were looking for the most was comfort. Young men or adolescents were the ones who created the fashion trends. The most important reference of the decade was the movie “Vaseline” -starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton Jhon-. Black leather jackets, jeans and white flannels were the fashion at the time. The hair was greased with Vaseline, just like the movie’s name.

Women: consumerism was more alive than ever at the time, and women were capable of assuming new styles. The catwalks had a fairly conservative style, but for day-to-day, women were looking for something more sporty. To achieve what they wanted, the women wore Bermuda shorts or fisherman type, as well as blouses that covered their shoulders.
How to use those trends in 2016?

Men adapt 50’s fashion to 2016 by wearing a black leather biker jacket; layering adds a different style, like wearing a hoodie. Black or skinny blue jeans are best paired with sneakers. This is the best to achieve a casual look.

A white blazer is ideal for women to adapt this look; it can be combined with a basic white t-shirt, bright-coloured Bermuda shorts or patterns, adding an interesting visual touch. You can complete this style with high heels tied to the ankle.

The modernity of the 60s

Continuing with this account of 100 years of fashion and how to adapt it to modern style, we cannot let go that men’s clothing changed a lot during this decade; individuality and diversity were reflected in the designs. Ties, belts, and necklaces were worn larger than usual. Wide pants also gained popularity. The modernist look was -probably- one of the most popular trends at the time; they were elegant, stylized and used solid colours.

Women: at the beginning of the sixties, they were more classic and conservative. At the end of this decade, everything changed, and they began to use more vibrant colours; they wore t-shirts dyed with the “tie-dye” technique (tying the t-shirts to dye them), tunics and short skirts. Mini skirts were invented in 1965 by Mary Quants; they were extremely popular with young girls and a way to stand out from the style of the adults.

How to wear this in 2016?

Gentlemen can wear turtleneck sweaters in various colours, which will look better than neutral tones. Tight pants, denim or black, are the best. The “desert boots” became very popular thanks to the Clarks brand still look great today.

For women, maxi glasses, preferably those inspired by the 60s, are an excellent accessory. They can wear the brown Swiss mini skirt paired with a basic white t-shirt. To complete this look, wear ankle boots.

The hippie culture of the 70s

Throughout the seventies, different styles were seen for gentlemen; one of the most popular was that of the hippie culture that was released at the beginning of the time. In the second half, styles such as punk or disco music were experienced, depending on their inspiration. The patterns were also a significant milestone in fashion because psychedelic styles, polka dots and checkered pieces were worn; they were part of everyday life.

Women in the ’70s could wear anything they wanted, basic cotton tops, ethnic patterns, boho style and designer suits. Bell-bottom, high-waisted jeans were the hallmarks of the hippie counterculture era, and it was their way of rejecting the established norms of the world.

How to wear this style today?

Men can wear a plaid blazer with a white shirt; it can also be any dark-coloured blazer. Light-coloured, tight-fitting pants with the hems up. This style goes with low sports shoes.

The ideal for women is to wear a pre-washed denim blouse that goes inside the pants. High-cut flared jeans. Shoes or boots with high heels can help you with the boot of your jeans.

The colours of the 80s

In the ’80s, men experienced different styles that ranged from “punk”, “new wave”, and “yuppies”, which were the most popular at that time. The television program “Corruption in Miami” was one of the most influential in dressing the gentlemen of the time. Pastel-coloured sportswear or light-coloured suits with light-coloured pants and loafers was part of what the boys wore.

The feminine fashion of the eighties can be questioned a lot. Neon colours were used, and pronounced shoulder pads and heaters were some of the “pearls” seen during this time. The jumpsuits (jumpsuits or overalls) were also part of the trend that women went crazy for in the 80s. They wore large shoulder pads, coloured leg warmers or shiny materials.

And unintentionally… The ’80s came back.

Gentlemen can wear pastel-coloured shirts with a neutral cardigan. Bermuda shorts in pastel shades are great. Espadrilles style shoes, go with this style.

For ladies, a black jumpsuit is versatile for any occasion; a plunging neckline will give it an interesting touch. Gold shoes and accessories will keep your style simple yet sophisticated.

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