Jeans and jackets made of this fabric are not the only options today. You can choose different clothes and get an excellent look, fashionable, as long as you know your body. Read on and learn more about this fashion trend. Also, find out how you can use this fabric, previously considered unsuitable for going to work.

Finding the perfect jean is basic.

Finding the perfect pants that make you look good and comfortable is a task that requires specific knowledge. Here’s how to take advantage of your body shape.

Different shapes, different pants

  • Pear-shaped: Girls with this figure generally have smaller waists and wider hips. It is recommended to wear pants at the core because they will make your figure look better. I prefer the boot cut and dark colors, so your legs look longer.
  • Apple Shaped: They have thinner legs, a more petite butt, and more weight around the waist. You’ll want to balance your shape, elongate your torso, and show off your legs. Look for skinny, mid-rise waist jeans that are plain in the front, without much embellishment. Straight-cut jeans will be your best option.
  • Carrot shape: Women with this shape have thin legs, a waist, and a tiny butt. You’ll want to balance your body with mid-rise or high-rise jeans with pockets and details around the hips. Light colors are ideal for helping you balance your body.
  • Curvy Shape: Curvy women tend to be more proportionate with equal bust and waist measurements. You’ll want straight-cut pants, which lengthen your legs and create a more balanced shape.
  • Straight Shape: A straight body means narrower hips, a less defined waist, and a tiny butt. Women with these characteristics fit almost any pants and prefer low or medium cuts. Skinny or boyfriend-type models will be the best options.

Recommendations for men

  • Skinny: Slim and regular-fit jeans are the best options for this body type. Avoid thin and loose.
  • With a muscular body: they should opt for regular and relaxed jeans. Avoid skinny, slim, and loose.
  • With wide hips: for men with this body shape, we say to prefer regular, relaxed, and loose jeans and avoid skinny and slim cuts.

Follow these fashion tips to wear denim.

These recommendations will be beneficial when using denim in your daily life:

Dos and Don’ts of wearing denim over denim

The denim-on-denim trend of wearing denim on denim became famous last year, in 2016. And for many fashionistas, this is not quite right. But, the truth is that it has continued to be a trend, and for many putting together a look of this type can be intimidating. Find out what you can and cannot do.

The basics are this:

  • It would help if you contrasted the top and the bottom.
  • Avoid clothes that are too big for you.
  • Avoid seeing yourself too combined; use garments of other fabrics to determine.

The thing to do when wearing denim over denim is to start playing with colors if you’re a beginner. Take advantage of different shades in your denim garments; this will look good. For example, wear white jeans with a denim jacket or black jeans with a chambray shirt. By doing this, you will avoid fashion mistakes.

Use the shadows on the denim fabric to highlight some parts of your body. As a general rule, light clouds draw attention to the body details they cover, while dark clouds create the opposite effect. For many women, this means dark denim in pants and light denim in jackets. It’s a sure way to look good.

Use garments that look worn, with small patches or tears; this gives a more denim look.

You can enhance your denim look by adding more formal clothing, such as heels, a jacket, or a blazer. Ladies can not forget good makeup.

As for what not to do… Don’t wear denim accessories. Keep denim limited to clothing. Avoid shoes, hats, bags, or supplements with this fabric. Do not wear all your outfit denim with cloth of the same thickness or wash.

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