You will look much better with these fashion tips; you should start following them. At Lolita Moda, your store, to buy branded clothing online, we know how important it is to have style and how to wear your clothes. You must avoid falling into the vulgar, the exaggerated… And start looking elegant. Keep reading and take notes.

Start improving your look with these tips

Show skin strategically

Looking sexy requires knowledge about what to show and keep under the cloth. It would help if you always left something to the imagination. Fashion experts advise choosing a body part; for example, if you decide to expose your legs, show them and keep the upper part covered.

bright accessories

Your closet shouldn’t be full of bags and purses in neutral colors like blue, black, brown, or gray. Add some energy to your shoes and bags. You can have green, red, or mustard to add a little more life; these can be very versatile.

If you feel like being bold, dress in neutral colors and wear your shoes and bag in different but complementary colors.

Take advantage of the stretch fabric.

The type of fabric that stretches will help shape your body. Use it on pants in a ratio of 95% cotton and 5% lycra spandex. This way, they won’t lose their shape when you want to show them off.

Appropriate length pants

A mistake many women make, and men too… is to wear pants much longer than they should. For ladies, the length will often depend on your shoe type.

Generally, the hem should skim the top of the shoe and be 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch off the floor.

Take advantage of scarves

It is one of the main accessories of any woman. A scarf can be placed around your neck in the colder months. But also tie it to your bag or carry-on suitcase, transforming your style.

You will look much more chic and elegant wearing this accessory.

dress bags

It is preferable to go with your hands-free, without having them busy with events at night. A dressing bag with chains will help keep your hands free and add a lot of style to your look. You can wear the chain diagonally for a better effect.

Take into account the wear of the clothes.

Before buying, consider the piece’s quality and how it will look after a few washes.

Also, think about the ways of washing and how to take care of your clothes; look at the labels. Don’t buy something you won’t take care of; for example, some garments should only be sent to the laundry or should only be washed by hand. If you will not, it better not spend on that garment.

Consider your body shape.

Knowing the shape of your body and what looks good on you and what doesn’t is essential to dress well. For example, if you’re petite and curvy, it’s best to avoid prolonged or maxi dresses, even if you like them. Instead, you should wear clothing that better defines your waist and is just above the knees.

It is not about limiting yourself to one type or cut of clothing. But if you know what looks good on you and how you can take advantage of this to see yourself much better.

Have a list before you buy

If you need to buy new clothes, it is best to make a list before going to the store or entering our online store. But it is not an inventory of what you want to buy but the things you like most in your closet. These will be the basis for purchasing other pieces and will remind you of what you like and don’t like.

Look in the mirror

Before leaving home, look at yourself in the mirror, from the front, sides, and behind. Make sure you like what you see. And don’t go out until you’re convinced of your look.

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