Get to know the spring/summer fashion trends. Trends are dictated by fashion gurus on the world’s great catwalks. What to wear and what is in vogue varies depending on the season, and with this post and the infographic we include at the end, you will know the latest. See what the experts are saying and find the perfect spring style for you.

Catwalks dictate trends

New York Fashion Week was at the beginning of the year and established the guidelines on what to wear in the spring and summer of 2017. The weather favors fashion since you do not have to wear coats or many accessories that cover clothing.

Some of the trends of Fashion Week in New York were:

  • Beach stripes are one of the top trends, borrowed from umbrellas and beach chairs. They are ideal for the summer.
  • Khaki also stood out on the catwalks. A perfect color, ideal for any outing.
  • Yellow was also part of these catwalks. Regardless of skin tone, you can use this color.
  • Thin vertical stripes inspired by Wall Street will be all the rage these seasons.
  • Shirts and dresses with cuts on one shoulder. They are strategically placed cuts to cause maximum impact.
  • White shirt dresses are an excellent option.

The spirit of the 80s continues to be part of the spring trends this 2017 with the adoption of more aesthetic codes. This season you make the rules; you can mix and match different styles.

Nine fashion trends in spring/summer

Please take note of these fashion novelties for these seasons, the spring we are already in and the summer yet to come.

1. Floral details

The floral always tends to stand out in the spring precisely because it is the time when plants bloom. The environment is conducive to the joy that flowers mean, a much cooler climate, with much more sun and better temperatures.

Florals are no surprise for spring, but there will be 70s-style floral prints for summer.

2. Associated with the garden

Julia Hobbs, editor of British Vogue magazine: “The spring/summer catwalks were all about bouquets. From those summer party looks to the Formica pints that will energize the new season’s office wear – 2017 fashion shows optimism with bold florals.”

3. Crop jackets and 80s influences

Jackets that are a little shorter than usual are a trend that comes back from the past. Designers are looking to the past to create looks with a bit of nostalgia.

It is no secret that the 80s have been part of the fashion catwalks for years. And it seems that they do not want to get out of these. In spring/summer, the eighties are part of the trends.

Eighties glamor includes wide sleeves, high gloss, and body awareness.

4. All white

All white is a trend this spring/summer season from top to bottom. It is ideal because white reflects the sun, and you will not feel the season’s heat.

5. Nautical

As we mentioned at the beginning, the stripes are taken from umbrellas and beach chairs; this trend always returns this season, especially the broad nautical stripes.

The spring and summer sun is associated with the beach and the sea. That is why nautical is a trend for both men and women. Blue, white and red is the most classic combinations.

6. Strong stripes

Spring mixes florals with stripes and khaki. You can include this combination in the wardrobe for work on spring days.

Stripes are basic in spring, but you can give them a more contemporary touch with symmetrical fabrics and cuts. And if you prefer a more traditional look, you may want to buy a new suit with stripes, separate the two pieces, and wear them on different occasions.

7. Yellow is a powerful color

Indeed you associate this color with cheese and the sun. This season it is an excellent option to wear yellow, regardless of skin tone. It is a very colorful tone, ideal for the season. There are options depending on your shade:

Pale skin: you can opt for shades of mustard yellow, dark yellow, and a very pale yellow. Ideally, it would help if you stayed away from primary yellow or neons.
White and olive skin tone: It is recommended to experiment with a more lime-like yellow; you can opt for bright shades that will make your skin glow.
For dark skin: Women with dark skin tones are perhaps the luckiest with yellow. They can wear absolutely any shade of yellow and look great.

Do you dare to wear yellow? Will you follow one of the spring-summer color trends?

8. Mules

These types of shoes are a must this summer. These are sandals without a heel with wide heels, although there are also options without a heel but with a wedge.

They are ideal for wearing with cropped jeans and knitted tops. They are a perfect look to go out for the day or to the office. But you can also wear them with shorts or miniskirts on the hottest days. They allow you to stylize the legs and are very comfortable.

To dress a little more sophisticated, you can wear them with dresses. Remember that mules were shoes worn by Marilyn Monroe in the 50s, so they are very stylish.

9. Pumps and ballerinas tied to the ankle and boots

Ankles are a significant body part to highlight this spring/summer. Wearing ballerinas and pumps with braids around the ankle is a trend. Ideal to wear with shorts or skirts, they will complement an excellent look for this summer.

This is one of the spring-summer footwear trends you can consider.

Other fashion options in spring/summer

Gucci inspires the mix-and-match trend; it opens the doors for you to have a little eccentricity every day in your life. It is about bringing haute couture to everyday clothes.

The idea is to mix different garments, such as jeans, with accessories and jackets. You must have a strict color palette, which will help your look. But combine them with excellent accessories to complete your outfit. If you want to buy the best brands, visit our store.

This time is taken with the minimalist post. Hence what we just mentioned about combining and mixing. This will allow you to take simple pieces, like a cardigan, and make them stand out. It also plays with the volume and shape of the clothes.

If your fashion motto has always been less is more, don’t be afraid to join this spring trend and adapt your way to the movements of the big catwalks.

By knowing the fashion trends in spring/summer 2017, you will be able to adapt your wardrobe to them. You take what you see on the top fashion catwalks to your daily look for work, university, or outings with friends.

What trends do you feel the best suit your look? What kind of clothes do you prefer for spring/summer? Please write us in the comments your opinion on this topic.

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