We know that you love buying branded clothes online, but do you know how to take care of your clothes depending on the fabric? In this post, we want to give you details about the extra care of natural and synthetic materials. Each one has its characteristics and instructions so that they can last longer. Read on and learn how to wash and iron your clothes.

Learn how to take care of your clothes depending on the fabric

Proper care of each type of fabric in pieces in your wardrobe is critical; by doing so, you will ensure that they last longer. Therefore, you will not have to buy clothes regularly; at the end of the year, this will mean savings.

We have all seen the care labels that come with our garments with the washing and care instructions. But few pay attention to them and follow the manufacturers’ recommendations for washing and ironing the different pieces of clothing.

You probably think that separating clothes by color when washing is. Or by separating the delicate from the most resistant clothing, your care work is done. But, the truth is that there is much more depending on the type of fabric; the temperature of the water varies, if you should wash in a washing machine or by hand, if you can use a dryer, or even if ironing is allowed, and at what temperature.

We separate this post between natural and synthetic fabrics. In this first part, we will talk about the natural ones, and in the second part about the synthetic ones. In addition, we include an infographic at the end with details about these recommendations.

Tips to take care of your clothes made of natural fabrics

Natural fabrics include cotton, denim, t-shirt, leather, hemp, linen, silk, terry cloth, seersucker, velvet, and wool. Please take into account these tips for treating clothes according to their fabrics.

Caring for your cotton garments

Cotton is one of the most used fabrics worldwide. It is fresh, soft, and comfortable, which is why it is used most for t-shirts and shirts. It absorbs and allows the skin pores to breathe. It is usually very durable if it is of quality. But one of its disadvantages is that it wrinkles easily.

The instructions for washing cotton clothes are straightforward; you can do it in a washing machine and use hot water. It is a very resistant fabric, so it is one of the least you have to worry about. To iron cotton garments, use the iron at high temperatures. Remember that cotton does not shrink when washed if the fabric is of quality. This is a myth.

Denim for jeans and more…

Denim is a fashionable fabric. It is made of tightly woven cotton. It is one of the favorites because it allows the skin to breathe without problems. It is absorbent like cotton but heavy and even more durable.

To ensure it is not so complicated, you must place them in the washing machine. To maintain the colors, turn the garment inside out before washing. Ideally, use hot water. To make it ready, use the iron at high temperatures.

flannel or flannel fabric or t-shirt

This technology is not a type of fabric but a fabric structure. It is a soft fabric made of cotton or wool. It is thick, smooth, and more isolated. Absorbs and allows perspiration to be released quickly. It is very durable.

For the care of this type of fabric, it depends on whether they are based on cotton or wool:

  • Cotton: can be washed in a washing machine with hot water. And iron at high temperatures.
  • Thread: the ideal is to dry clean it. Although so,  my washing machines have the option of cycles for the thread. It does not need cleaning
  • after each wash. To iron, it should be at a low temperature, and it is recommended to turn the garment inside out to avoid marks and shine.

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