In recent years, office dress codes have changed a lot. What is considered acceptable for work is very broad; you can even wear denim to the office. Learn to wear jeans well and stand out from a sea of ​​colleagues who will also opt for this fabric’s comfort.

Buy quality denim

Poorly finished denim factories make thousands of similar garments. They may be your size, but they do not look the best when you wear them. Denim comes in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the jeans that fit you best is essential.

Studies have shown that how you dress affects how you feel and act. Hence the importance of being sure of what you are wearing. Buying quality denim, like Pepe Jeans jeans, means you’ll feel good about buying pants that you know look good on you.

Take care of your jeans.

We already mentioned the importance of quality. A good pair of jeans will last a long time and, although you spend more when buying them, it will mean savings in the long run. They’ll only last longer if you take good care of them. It is considered that the most significant damage to the pants is not done by wearing them but by washing them.

There are many theories about how you should wash these types of fabrics. Some crazy ones have been heard, like that of Chip Bergh, a CEO of Levi’s, that involved a freezer, but also others that say that it should never be washed. Depending on their fabric, taking care of clothes is essential so they last longer.

It is understood that the washing machine is the first element that begins to damage your pants. To avoid this, it is believed that you should wait 6-7 months to wash a new pair and wash it by hand. It is estimated that this is the best way to wash jeans. This is because you will be able to control the temperature and intensity of the wash and avoid aggressive wringing of the pants.

Choose dark jeans for the office.

We know thousands of different jean shapes, styles, and colors. What you are looking for will depend on what you want, and perhaps some of them will suit you, but someone else does not.

But, since these are pants to go to the office, it is best to avoid ones that are too fashionable or have rips. These may be very fashionable, but they will not give the right impression at work. Ideally, it would help if you chose jeans in darker shades, which provide a more professional look. You can even wear shirts, jackets, and skirts with this fabric. The recommended cut is straight, nothing too skinny or too wide.

With these fashion tips for wearing denim, you can look much better. You already know which models to choose according to your body type and how to combine several garments of the same fabric. Also, how can you wear jeans to work and not break the formality of the office? If you liked and served our recommendations, share them with your friends on your social networks.

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