We bring you the keys to combine the different types of boots. On sneakersrules.com, we like to give you tips to improve your style. Versatile, modern, and with a lot of personalities. These pieces are ideal for keeping your feet protected in autumn and winter. Continue reading.

General recommendations for wearing boots

It is expected that you are filled with doubts about what to wear and are whconfusedre in front of the closet. Especially when you have many options. Therefore, our idea is not to guide you on what is correct and what is not. Instead, you can know your weak points to minimize them and which are the strongest to enhance them.

For example, short women should not wear boots that are medium height (those that end at mid-calf) because this model creates the illusion that the lower limbs are shorter.

Short women are favored by wearing high boots or heels; these usually help all types of physiques. There are general tricks that can help you look better, for example:

  • If you want to look slimmer, the desire of every woman, wear boots with socks of the same color.
  • Formal: you must combine boots with straight dresses, socks, and a handbag. Neutral and gray colors will help you complete your outfit.
  • Trendy: ankle boots paired with leggings, blazer with structured shoulders, and chain-strap bag. This will make you look great.

Boots according to your body type

  • Athletic body: those with a short cane and heels will suit you very well.
  • Skinny legs: long boots above the knee will flatter you, and your legs will look sexy.
  • Small women: those with high heels or stiletto heels are perfect. You can choose between short or long cane.
  • Short legs: you will be able to look better with boots with a slight heel and up to the ankle.
  • Tall women: boots with no heels are the best for you. Those that make you show off your natural height will be your allies.

types of boots

classic boots

Patent leather boots:

They are making a solid comeback in the most recent seasons. It is one of the girls’ favorites because it usually reminds them of what shoes were like when they were girls. They are vital for your style because they are straightforward to combine. These go well, especially with dresses of classic cuts and dark colors.

You can also wear them with jeans, yes, to be able to wear them, you will have to opt for a tube model. Thus, the boot will be superimposed on the pants and stand out.

musketeer boots

They are also called buccaneer boots. Therefore, they cannot be missing from your wardrobe, especially this autumn-winter season. Although they are a bit difficult to pull off, you will come out on top with a little creativity and style.

These shoes are not the best option if you are short or have thick legs. As for how to combine them, it will depend on how you want to project yourself. Being tall, if you wish to protect Kirts or dresses, they should be short.

A good option is short Bermuda shorts and a basShortize blazer. The accessories must be oversized blazers are good options choices. Options include a chic bag or silky blouses in neutral colors.

Camping boots

This is one of the classics that cannot be missing from a wardrobe. Thanks to these, you can achieve a look between classic and romantic. Depending on how you do your combination, you can also get an ethnic or country look.

If you want to look country or cowgirl, wearing denim jeans from your closet will be ideal. A fringed vest or cowboy also goes well with this type of boot. The naif style dresses are perfect allies of the country boots. With these, the woman achieves a look between innocent and sweet.

Dresses with ethnic prints also go very well with this type of boot. They are pretty versatile if you have the ideal body to wear them.

For the most daring

fringed boots

Fringes are one of the great comebacks that the fashion world has had. Currently, there are proposals for bags, vests, dresses, and boots. The appearance that you can achieve when combining this type of clothing is between sensual and feminine.

As for the jeans, these will be the best companions for this type of boot. It is best to wear skinny pants so you can define the shape of your legs.

Girls who love country fashion can also use these boots as great allies. To achieve a slimmer silhouette, wear a tight bodice or a shirt that you wear inside the pants.

Panama Jack Boots

Of this, multiple brands have made their interpretations. The most popular are the Timberlands. It is the star shoe this season and the next. They are a bit rustic, but with style, attitude, and feminine pieces, you can wear them without any problem.

The style you can achieve with this type of boots is between comfortable and street. The recommendation is that you wear them with jeans of the color you like the most, which complements the other pieces. That is, there is harmony.

This type of boot goes very well with military fashion; you can make khaki colors or shades of green combinations—a relatively informal and mountain look. Accessories should be in shades of brown.

Dresses and shorts are also excellent companions for this type of shoe.

Outfits with rain boots

For rainy days, the best will be these boots, so you will avoid getting wet. In case you feel a bit confused. Take into account the following recommendations. These boots are ideal for you to go to work, school, or just for a walk.

  • With skirts: it is one of the girls’ favorite clothes. For rainy days you can combine neutral colors like white with a formal blouse. This recommendation is the best for the office.
  • With shorts: perfect for a Sunday look. Despite being in autumn/winter, the excellent weather persists in some regions of Spain. Could you take advantage of it while it lasts? You can wear shorts and yours in these cities, and you’re good.
  • With coats: for the coldest days, you can wear a maxi sweater with white pants. To go out and eat the world. You will give the spring touch to the look with a flowery scarf. We are sure that you will look very elegant.
  • With jeans: this is one of the best proposals for rainy days. You can wear a trench coat with solid colors like red or black. You are combined with a basic blouse or t-shirt in neutral tones and jeans; if it’s denim or ripped, even better. For the boots, try as much as possible to combine the colors. Rubber boots are comfortable, cheap, and come in multiple colors.
  • With plaid shirts: Sundays are days when women like to look good. But without much effort. This combination is ideal because you will be able to see yourself as suitable for any commitment. You can wear your plaid shirt, khaki pants, and rain boots to avoid getting your feet wet.

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