If you still don’t know how to choose the ideal coat according to your body type, you’ve come to the right place. On your website, we have prepared some tips for choosing this garment to buy branded clothing online. Continue reading and dress this winter with a lot of styles.

Tips for choosing the ideal coat according to your body

Selecting the clothes that best suit you is something like an art, but that doesn’t mean it has to be very complicated. To get it right, you have to know your body type and follow certain st, your keys to highlight your qualities… Or hide this specific that bothers you.

This time we will stop to talk about coats. Those garments will accompany us during these cold months. When we buy one, sometimes we focus only on its function and ignore whether they look good on us. As a result, we believe in a garment that does not flatter our bodies.

The type of cut, color, length, and style are some elements that influence when investing in a coat. If you want to know which one suits you best, consider the following recommendations.

With this article, we intend to offer you a guide, and for that, we will first differentiate between body types and divide between tall and short. Depending on the shape, we can be curvilinear (hourglass), straight, pear-shaped (triangle, inverted triangle, or oval).

For each one, there is a coat that will suit her and others that it is better not to approach. The authors of the infographic that we added at the end of the post summarize these tips well. But we wanted to explain it to you in more detail. Pay close attention to the following sections.

Coats for petite women

Coats are that outer garment that will be our ally throughout the winter. Or also our enemy if we do not choose well. For petite women, the challenge is to lengthen their figure. It is essential to avoid any piece that adds volume because the effect will be the opposite.

So, avoid bulky clothes and opt for vertical lines that benefit your figure. Take note of these basic recommendations.

  • You should wear relatively short coats. It can be at the waist or three-quarters. It should be lower than the hips without reaching the knees (mid-thigh).
  • To lengthen the legs, you have to emphasize the waist. Choose something fitted and belted.
  • Look for coats with button lines (that are not double)that are not very wide. It will favor the vertical effect.
  • Heavybrics will give you volume; what you are looking for is the opposite. So opt for the r those that provide more movement to the coat.
  • Avoid ponchos and oversize coats. They will make you look smaller and bulkier.

Coats for tall women

If you are tall, you have many ground ga—any coat design for women will flatter you. However, there is some discrepancy regarding the perfect length for this body type.

Some recommend not wearing long garments because they will accentuate that feature. At the same time, others give him the green light to hide his height or invite him to take advantage of it.

What should you look for in a coat? As height favors you, you should highlight what you already have. Those with structure will look good on you and will complement your figure.

  • If you have an hourglass body, a coat like this Only shirt, with a belt and knee length, will suit you very well.
  • Instead of vertical closures, opt for double-breasted coats with diagonal closures.
  • Short sleeves are not your thing; look for something that fits you.
  • Ponchos, trench coats, and oversize will look good on you.

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