Lingerie is a category of women’s clothing including undergarments, sleepwear, and lightweight robes. The choice of the word is often motivated by an intention to imply that the garments are alluring, fashionable, or both.

It is designed to be visually or sexually alluring and is usually made of Lycra, nylon, polyester, satin, lace, or silk. While some are majorly undergarments, some doubles as outerwear.

There are different types of lingerie’s ranging from push-up bras and sports bras to panties such as thongs and cheeky, briefs, garter belts, corsets, and bustiers.

The Push-up bras and sports bras keep everything in place. Push-up bras lift the bust up to prevent sagging. Push-up bras also help keep the breasts together and so they appear larger. Sports bras move all the support and weight of the bust towards the back. This results in less jiggling of the bust when exercising.

Panties such as thongs and cheeky help the buttocks appear bigger since it does not cover it fully. Hip huggers and briefs cover more while keeping everything compact. Hip huggers start at the hip, so they are more of a sexy feel while still providing coverage in the back. Briefs provide the most coverage. These are recommended for women who have more flesh, an attribute many shouldn’t be ashamed of; if it needs to be covered, briefs will do the trick while holding more in one place.

Garter belts are beautiful function garments that keep stockings from riding down the legs. Corsets and Bustier are an extension of a bra to help keep an hourglass figure. This is because of all the boning (Wire) in the seams. Baby dolls could be defined as a bra with a dress. This is explained to be a sexy little dress for a special night. Teddies on the other hand, are fitted bodysuits that make the body appear slimmer and sexier. These are usually transparent to show off that feminine beautiful body.

Lingerie isn’t just sexy it also has detailed functions. Choose your new lingerie set on MyLily a dedicated women’s store.


Asides from providing support to the body and creating a sexually alluring atmosphere, lingerie serves other important purposes.

  1. Makes a woman feel sexy. Lacey panties, push-up bras, stockings, garter belts, corsets, bustier, and thongs give that extra little boost of confidence. Wearing Lingerie underneath clothing makes a woman feel more like a woman. It celebrates sexuality no matter what size she is. It makes the women feel, as Webster’s puts it, “excitingly appealing” (the very definition of sexy). That is exactly how the right lingerie makes a woman feel. Lingerie gives women an extra pep in their steps.
  2. Communication with confidence: A woman’s confidence is first built from how she appears. If a woman’s appearance is attractive and beautiful, she moves with so much confidence, but if otherwise, she would feel less of herself. A carefully selected pair of underwear can do a great job of making her look awesome, and in turn, boost her confidence and influences the way she carries herself in public.
  3. Ease of Movement: A woman with the right set of underwear, will easily move around in them, or when she is even dressed up. You don’t want to move around in underwear that you would have to adjust every now and then on the street, or that you would have to run to the restroom every time to adjust it on your body. Such can be embarrassing and stressful. Especially when you are at an event where everyone is looking at you, or at an event where your presence is highly required. Running back and forth to the restroom while the event is on, to adjust your underwear is the last thing you want for yourself, or clutching down your hand down your underwear in public could be the most embarrassing thing.
  4. Empowers Women- Being a woman is not about looking like one; being a woman is about feeling like one. Lingerie helps women feel feminine. The lace decorates and accentuates a woman’s beauty.  Snugly fit pieces help accentuate her curves.  Lingerie brings confidence and can captivate admirers. Women have the power to have an entire room stare at them. Lingerie reminds her that being feminine makes her strong.
  5. Spices up a relationship- After being together for a long time, some people in marriages and relationships lose their spark. The connection weakens and the passions fade. Lingerie can restore a boring relationship into something exciting. Relationships and marriages can get boring if the same thing happens day today. Lingerie such as baby dolls, teddies, or garter belts can create a sexy surprise for a partner. Lingerie reignites passion with novelty. Things that were once boring can become fun again!
  6. It’s more than just clothing, Lingerie can showcase a woman’s personality. It helps defines a woman as beautiful, feminine, strong, and elegant. It creates a sense of excitement every time she puts it on. For some ladies, it is bold sexy wrapped in black and red lace. For others, it is a freeing sexy adorned with pink and white lace.
  7. Lingerie comes in different pieces for different personalities. Lace bras and panties are for when a woman is feeling confident and bold. Comfort bras and lingerie are for when a woman wants to feel beautiful in her skin but also sexy. Some women prefer lacey lingerie over non-laced counterparts depending on their preferences. Lingerie shows personality.
  8. Ignites Fantasies: What kind of fantasies do you think you’d be able to ignite in shabby old innerwear? You’ll probably turn him off. Get yourself some sexy lingerie and help him indulge in a few fantasies that even you find enjoyable. You would love to see that mischievous gleam in your partner’s eyes. A matching bra and Lingerie should do the trick. You can even add a colorful boa. It is like a breath of fresh air which will soar the temperature.
  9. Enhances your appearance: Sexy lingerie not only makes you more desirable in bed but also enhances your overall appearance as you dress up in different outfits. Lingerie can make or mar your entire look so take the time to pick it carefully. Be it thongs, corset, or push-up bras, pick something that you love and make it a point to wear it with the correct outfit. Lingerie shows personality. Lingerie is more than just important to a woman. It is important to those around her. It shows us who a woman is, her preferences, desires, dreams, and fantasies.

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