Hair extensions are one of the easiest ways to grow hair fast.
Hair extensions are a practical solution for those of you who want to lengthen hair in an instant. All you need to do is go to the salon and choose the type of hair extension you want to use. Very easy, right?

There are different types of hair extensions, you can adjust them according to your budget and needs. Some are connected with bobby pins, some are permanently attached to the hair. The ingredients vary, ranging from synthetic fiber to real human hair.

The price range varies, depending on the type of hair extension you choose. Hair extensions made of human hair are usually priced at a higher price.
However, make sure you are wise in choosing the type of hair extension that best suits your needs.

Types of hair extensions, how to grow hair fast

How to lengthen hair quickly through sew-in or commonly known as weave hair extensions can only be done by people who have thick hair. The reason is, your real hair must be braided first as a basis for extensions. Then, hair extensions or additional hair will be sewn to the real hair. This method generally can only be done by going to the salon.

Advantages of Weave Hair Extensions

1. Do not use glue or hot styling tools so it is safe for hair health.

2. The adhesion of hair extensions is extraordinary and they are not easy to come off because they are glued together by the sewing method.

3. Can only be done by the owner of thick hair.

4. This method can only be done by a professional hairstylist.

Hair extension is a hair extension technique that has been done hundreds of years ago. The popularity of black hair extensions has skyrocketed since a few years ago among women who want to grow their hair in an instant.

The hair used consists of two types, namely natural hair (human hair) and synthetic hair made of plastic fibers. Regarding maintenance, synthetic hair is much more practical and less fussy. However, the appearance of the resulting hair is not as good and natural as human hair.

Synthetic hair is also difficult to dye and dye, so it cannot be used for too long. If you want permanent results, you should choose human hair, so it can be washed, dried, and straightened to your heart’s content!

Choosing Hair Extensions According to Hair Type.

Before deciding to do it, always consult with your trusted hairstylist first. The type and texture of your hair also affect the installation technique that must be chosen, you know.

You who have thick and healthy hair can use any installation technique. But for those of you who have thin hair and easily fall out, it is recommended to play it safe with clip-on hair extensions. Because if you choose the wrong installation technique, the hair roots are at risk of being pulled, injured, and causing severe hair loss.

If you are interested in getting hair extensions, there are a few things to keep in mind before doing this procedure. Make sure to do hair extensions at the salon with the help of professional hair extensions. Some hair extensions may look easy enough to do yourself, but they can potentially harm your hair. If you experience pain or discomfort during hair extensions, talk to your stylist immediately. Always use good quality hair extensions, even though they may be more expensive. Don’t forget to take care of your natural hair too.