Some rules can be broken, and we will always find someone who does when discussing fashion. But even when you want to risk it, there will be safe ways to do it. And that is precisely what we will talk about in this section. In the infographic accompanying this post, you will find some tips for mixing patterns on your shirts and ties—going beyond traditional solid colors.

combining lines

The secret of combining the lines of the tie with the shirt is that the patterns are of different sizes and go in opposite directions.

For example, if the shirt has thin vertical stripes, the tie should have thicker diagonal lines. You can choose colors that complement each other. If you want to highlight the shirt, select a link that contrasts and has some detail in the same color as the main garment.

Striped shirts also go well with ties with polka dots or repeating other motifs.

Coordinated plaid print

Plaid shirts are riskier than striped ones. The safest way is with a solid color tie. But we’re trying to break away from this. So how can you combine it with another pattern?

If both garments have checks, try to have reviews in the tie pattern similar in size to those on the shirt—the same with the colors, which are of the same range without being the same tone.

Tartan check ties also work well in this combination, as long as the checks on the shirt are small. These shirts will also look good with thick diagonal line ties.

color coordination

Suppose you emphasize the combination of colors; you have to look at the dominant color of the shirt. It does not matter if it is plain or patterned; there will always be a color that stands out.

That same tone must be repeated in some detail of the tie. This will make the background color stand out.

Combination of prints

We also mentioned something about it. The idea is to mix small prints with larger ones. If you’re wearing a tiny polka dot shirt, the pattern on the tie should stand out, and vice versa.

There should be a noticeable difference in the size of both designs.

Combination errors between ties and shirts

After knowing the basic rules of this combination, let’s see some mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Combine white ties with shirts of the same color. The same happens with black.
  • Wear oversized plaid shirts with thick striped ties or some camouflage print.
  • That the stripes of the shirt and tie stripes are of the same thickness.
  • Wear ties with button-down shirts.
  • Oversized polka dot shirts with plaid ties.

Final tips for choosing a tie

We want to give you some recommendations for choosing a tie. First of all, it is better that you buy your links yourself. So you are sure they are your style.

Before buying it, think carefully about how you will combine it. Make sure you have shirts and suits that go well with them instead of buying blindly.

Try it on; the tie should reach the strap’s buckle, not higher or lower.

We hope these tips for combining shirts and ties are helpful to you, especially now that the Christmas holidays are approaching. Thinking about these dates, we have more useful content, like this post about children’s clothing. Enjoy it!

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