Brings you the style keys to wear a cape in autumn, a garment that, in wool or cloth, will protect you a bit from the cold. This accessory will bring simplicity and elegance to your outfit, so you can consider having one for the coming warm months.

Protection from the cold with personality

Ponchos or also called capes are garments that have stood out in recent seasons; the best thing is their utility because they protect us from the cold. Still, they provide three essential elements to our clothing: personality, simplicity and elegance.

It is not a recent invention. In the world of cinema, the first person to wear ponchos was Clint Eastwood in the movie “Spaghetti Western” in 1965. This piece is an inspiration for the handmade garments used by different indigenous tribes that inhabit, for example, the Amazon, the jungles of Mexican or Ecuadorian, where they are also known as ruanas.

In the 70s, the most sought-after models used them with fringes to give them that bohemian touch that was so popular then; they were highly sought after for festivals like Coachella when they were held in cold seasons and were used to protect themselves from the icy breezes.

In 2004 they took quite a lot thanks to the ChloĆ© house’s inspiration; last year, Lagerfeld bet on it, and it is just in 2016 when it returns with more strength. These have positioned themselves so much that we can no longer do without them because we can wear them both in autumn and with other warmer garments in winter. They are a “must-have” for any fashionista girl like you.

Some fashion houses have shown them recently, and they cannot be missing in low-cost stores, so you have no excuses to wear yours.

There are all kinds, from the simplest to slightly more structured models; there is something for all tastes, from solid colours, leather, military style, floral print, embroidery, with gold-coloured buttons, neon colours, abstract images, butterflies, sequins, ethnic or plaid patterns, leather and combined with leather as well.

Style keys to wear a cape

The shawls are just another accessory; it is not that they will keep the cold at bay; it helps a little but is not essential. Some classify them as “whim garment”, but it still gives a delicious and sophisticated touch to our look. Among the recommendations to take are:

  • With legging boots or skinny jeans: this trend is relatively simple because what you are looking for is to enhance the layer, as in autumn the cold is not as intense as in winter, it is an excellent option, especially if you wear your hair down and a beautiful fedora type hat, we are sure that you will catch glances.
  • With shorts and high boots: this combination is helpful for the few hot days left in the year. It’s a pretty cool combination, and if you want to give your look a mysterious touch, wear maxi sunglasses, everyone will want to know who is behind them. This recommendation is, above all, for girls who have long legs.
  • Short boots: the more mettled females can wear their shorts and low nude or patterned boots, depending on the type of shawl you are wearing. The recommendation is for the day; maybe your legs can’t stand the low temperatures at night.
  • With bell bottoms: Although they’re not quite back, bell bottoms are already making modest appearances in street styles. Certain fashion bloggers are already betting on them, although in general terms, it seems that everyone still prefers skinny pants. Wearing them with a cloak shows that these are pretty versatile and return to their origin; those 70s with that chic boho air usually suit girls in general.
  • Formal look: If you want to wear capes to the office or a formal meeting, you can combine them with high pants and a projection of the same colour. A white flannel -V-neck- and stilettos (needle heels) will make you look fabulous like a few others.
  • Bold look: If you want to show off your long legs and flaunt them, you can wear a skirt or shorts, which are right at the level of the cape. With sandals or high shoes, you will look great.
  • Gothic look: we already mentioned that there are hundreds of ways to wear shawls; there are even layered, sleeveless dresses ideal for girls who are very original and go for the gothic style. With sports shoes and socks, you will look great.

be inspired by yourself

The ponchos provide details to your style; despite being large, you should look for a restrained look that is functional with the activities that you have to carry out in your day-to-day, in addition to the temperatures in your city. With patience and inspiration, you will learn to dress for every occasion.

You can battle with low temperatures without losing style; you must focus on yourself and how you want to see yourself or what you want to project. It is often easy to say, “I don’t have what to wear,” In your wardrobe, there are various options to combine; a good cape will always get you out of trouble.

Designers, brands and celebrities have already surrendered to the diversity and versatility of layers. What do you think of these style keys to wear capes? Which model would you like to wear in your day-to-day? Remember to leave your comments and share this article on your favourite social networks.

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