Every season brings surprises to the catwalk, and the rustic style in winter menswear is taking over. The woolen shirts, the oversized coats, and the denim fabric are part of the main pieces to put together the daily outfits.

The rudeness and the mess of winter 2016 menswear

Among the variations in men’s winter fashion trends, the use of rustic garments is reborn this 2016-2017. This untidy clothing, accompanied by worn boots and a relaxed style, is vital to compose the outfits associated with this trend—ideal for wearing in informal settings or meetings with friends.

The man tries to evoke an image of toughness similar to that of a cowboy or a lumberjack, which is why this fashion has been associated with these figures. The outfits seek to give a touch detached from the urban. Extensive collections such as those of Tommy Hilfiger, Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren point to the area, the notion of coats, shirts, sweatshirts, and other garments inspired by the rustic and country. Even artists like Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, and Ryan Gosling have included it in their wardrobes for years.

Vintage pieces, distressed-look jeans, boots, and lumberjack shirts are classic pieces in this casual style. The winter season is perfect to use this trend in men’s fashion.

The essential garments to put together the rustic style in winter

rustic fashion examples

There are characteristic pieces to put together the rustic style in winter. The keys to taking advantage of this trend are to find your “own light” and make functional combinations in the daily routine. This trend is not characterized by thinking for hours about how to dress and looking in the mirror in search of perfection. The natural, country, and untidy what is applied.

We will evaluate the resume of the masculine garments included in this season’s rustic designs.

lumberjack shirts

One of the greatest exponents of rustic fashion is the “lumberjack shirts,” button-down garments with checkered and striped patterns. The material from which they are made is comfortable, resistant to temperature variations, and durable—quality trumps fashion when choosing these shirts.

This garment is easy to combine with jeans and boots; it can be worn in informal meetings and even at work. Therefore, it is perfect to accompany a coat with the volume on winter days. They have a unique design with few variations, and if you think about utility, you can buy them in quantity. For those who want to try trends, it is relevant to count them as part of the wardrobe.

Thick/quilted coats/anorak with feathers

Having a resistant and comfortable winter coat is essential not to suffer this cold season. In rustic fashion, design is not imposed, but comfort and functionality for outdoor activities.

Anoraks with feathers are part of winter coat fashion for men inspired by the rustic trend. These are effective in protecting from cold, rain, and wind. For the rustic style, simple designs are adopted, with sober and marked colors.

Jackets and trousers with denim fabric

One of the characteristics of this rustic trend is the inclusion of denim; this can be done through a jacket or worn jeans. The essence is to project an image of toughness and practicality to move in the city and the countryside.

In combination with this fashion, there are no rules. Therefore, down anoraks can be worn alongside logger jackets and shirts. As for the jeans, they can present a messy style and be accompanied by casual clothes. So, the key is not to get too complicated when dressing.

Geometric print sweater

The geometric print sweater is a practical garment that can be adapted to any masculine style. This design evokes the vintage trend; they are warm and helpful to wear during the day this winter season.
worn boots

To enhance the rustic look, leather boots or other materials can be used. If you have somewhat worn but still functional shoes, think before throwing them away! And get into this trend. In online stores, you can find boots with light effects on the surface and laces, which are simulated.

vintage garments

Part of the magic of the rustic style in fashion is second-hand clothes. These are affordable, and you can find real gems to create an outfit related to this trend.

A little more about this style

Mada Rustica’s examples of men

In rustic style, naturalness and originality in creating outfits matter. You don’t have to be a menswear guru to get into this trend. The difference today is that now the designers put their eyes on this trend. Also, different artists use it in their routines. Men related to rustic fashion have been called “lumbersexuals.” Those who in their appearance look unkempt with a bushy beard or try to evoke the old cowboys from the movies.

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