For a time, careful and elegant styles were imposed on the catwalks. They reflected a detailed urban look of an executive and sophisticated man. Now, this current puts the competition in the coming years. If you want to wear a balanced outfit, try these tips.

Tips for carrying the rustic style

  • Be natural: In choosing your clothes, adopt your style. Relax and create the combinations that you like the most.
  • Look for references: They say that “an image says more than a thousand words” If you want to create a trend with these garments in your daily outfits – Look for ideas on the internet or with fashion bloggers.
  • Hit up thrift stores: It’s fun to browse used clothing places because of the variety of styles that can be obtained and the affordable prices.
  • Look comfortable: One of the main characteristics of rustic fashion is naturalness. If this style does not convince you for this winter, do not hesitate to leave it aside!
  • Boho look: Rustic fashion can also be varied with the boho style and characterized by being messy but pointing to the bohemian and the natural.
  • Protection above all: The harshness of winter will not forgive poor quality clothing. Check if that coat and worn boots protect you from the cold.
  • Basic garments: Have some of the classic clothes of this style in your wardrobe and make sure they are of good quality—for example, a Tommy Hilfiger sweater, a good coat, and jeans.
  • Accessories: The accessories in men’s fashion for this winter are not lacking to combine with rustic garments: handmade leather or rubber bracelets. As well as earth colored scarves such as moss green, brown, or mustard are perfect forinclusiong in this style.

In what situations is the rustic style?

A little creativity is enough to include this style in various situations; it is usually associated with informal gatherings with friends and family or going to the countryside. The way to use it in moments of greater formality is by wearing solid colors or highlighting only one garment of this style, for example, a sweater.

It is best to opt for more careful and elegant styles for important events or meetings. It is necessary that when adopting a look more than fashion, you think about functionality. Does this style adapt to your daily life? Does it fit into the context in which you operate? If it does not use you, trying it may be a mistake.

We hope these keys will help you understand and apply the rustic style in winter men’s families. Are you part of the men who wear these outfits without realizing it?

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