Selecting the correct shoes is a task that must be done with more care than you think. This time from our online sportswear store, we bring advice to choose the right sports shoes. Keep reading and learn how to make the best decision.

Types of sports shoes

According to the National Sports Council’s survey of sports habits in Spain, 53.5% of people do some sport. I represent a growth of 13% compared to the study conducted in 2010.

When it comes to sports, footwear is of great importance. More than many may think since there is a specific shoe for each activity. Although shoes can be helpful in various sports, the ideal is to have specific ones.

So we must understand that there are many types of shoes. For almost any sport, however, five are the most common.

  • Sportwear shoes.
  • Soccer boots.
  • Futsal Boots.
  • They are running shoes.
  • Mountain shoes.

Shoe Features

Each shoe has different characteristics, and this is related to the utility or sport they were designed for.

sport shoes

These are the most common type of sports shoes; they are used daily, with a comfortable style that, although it allows us to be fashionable, they are not the most suitable for sports.

These do not have the so-called “technical elements” that provide the foot with adequate support, depending on the activity practised.

football boots

As its name says, this is the specialized footwear to practice soccer. These have some bumps on the soles, which are called studs. Apart from unique features to improve the game.

Thanks to the studs, this shoe has an excellent grip on the ground, preventing slipping. Some examples may be the Adidas x 18.3 ag soccer boot.

futsal boots

They are specialized footwear for futsal; unlike football boots, they do not have studs.

However, its sole design is one of the essential parts since it has excellent traction that is specific to the surfaces of this sport.

running shoes

As their name says, they are notable for running. There is an excellent variety of them. But the highlights must be its flexibility, its lightness and its comfort.

This shoe should be synonymous with comfort since running is an activity that requires some cushioning. It is also important to note that this shoe differs for women and men.

This is because the female foot is smaller; it has a different width and length. Many brands have taken on the task of carrying out studies to have a clearer vision and create specific models for them.

Mountain shoes

They can be unique for hiking, mountaineering or other mountain-related activities. One of the main features is the sole. They are usually non-slip to avoid problems when moving on rocky terrain.

They also feature breathability and impermeability to keep moisture out, so you can avoid sweat or water that can get in when playing sports.
Tips for choosing the right sports shoes

Shoes represent an essential part when practising any sporting activity. When choosing sports shoes, several aspects must be taken into account.

Take into account the shape of your foot.

A general but essential aspect is the shape of the foot. There are three types of feet. Normal arch where the footprint is curved, and the angle is of a height neither too high nor too low.

The high arch with the footprint is more delicate, and the hook is much more pronounced. At the same time, the flat foot has a much thicker footprint and a low angle.

Depending on the arch type, you should choose a shoe that provides greater comfort.

Make the decision based on your activity.

If you choose a pair of shoes, you must consider a significant factor: What activity am I going to do?

We have put a lot of emphasis on it because, as explained before, each shoe has a different design. The technical elements, such as support, flexibility and others, are adapted to the physical activity and its needs.

Of course, mountain shoes are not the same as football boots. Even soccer boots and futsal boots have features that make them different.

Replace shoes when necessary

The shoes have a life span that varies, depending on their use. I mean, if I wear my running shoes every day, I can’t expect them to last a lifetime. The sole wears out; they lose their technical elements; it is entirely normal.

Regardless of the brand, this will happen. The idea is to know how to detect when it is time to say goodbye to our shoes forever.

On everyday sneakers, wear and tear are usually very obvious. However, the same may not be the case with sports shoes.

The first sign to take into account is the sole. When observing this one has excessive wear, it is time to buy new ones.

Another aspect is the midsole between the shoe and the sole. The shoes should be replaced if you can see that they no longer look the same, worn and without consistency.

The last aspect is the inner template. This is in constant contact with our foot, so if it is pierced or damaged, it can cause blisters or chafe.

Set a budget

Although having quality shoes does not mean overspending, it does not mean that any shoe will be fine. It is best to set a budget.

By doing so, you will be able to make a better relationship between the essential aspects—quality, price and utility. We must think about what we want and why we want a shoe that works for day-to-day or is for a specific activity.

You also have to consider that if it is for a sport, the shoes must have specific characteristics adapted to that. Investing in a little more is not harmful and thinking that the proper footwear can prevent injuries.

Regarding quality, there are well-known brands, including Nike and Adidas. These brands offer a wide variety of footwear. You can buy football boots, running shoes and whatever you need.

Try them on and avoid buying based on a brand or size

As we have explained, choosing a good pair of shoes depends on many aspects. The one that suits you is one of them. We just can’t get carried away by the price, the brand, how cute they look or the size.

Each model and brand may have a different last. The fact that you order the shoes in your size, or the one you usually wear, does not mean that they will fit you perfectly.

Our recommendation is always to try on the footwear. This way, you avoid having to return or change them.

Give yourself time to choose to try on sneakers.

Buying does not have to be a hasty decision. You can think it over. Remember that many aspects are involved in selecting a good pair of shoes.

Take your time to try the ones that best fit you, look good with your style, and have everything you are looking for and need. The shoes you choose will accompany you, so it is better not to make a mistake.

Keep in mind what you need; that will help you clearly understand ​​what you are looking for.

When buying online, check the return policy.

Buying online is becoming more and more common. Since it is much more comfortable, you have many more options and generally find better prices.

It is simply to see what you like, put it in the shopping cart, pay and wait for it to arrive—no need to move from home.

However, margins of error must be taken into account. They can go to the wrong store and ship the wrong order, items you didn’t order, or damaged items. There is also the possibility that you order the wrong size of something that does not fit.

For this reason, it is essential to review the return policies of each store before buying. This will let you know what to do in these cases and avoid disappointment.

There are total or partial refunds; make sure to verify which one is owned by the store where you are going to order.

When selecting footwear, tips for choosing the right running shoes are an m. As we mentioned before, there are many essential aspects of the election. Tell us below what shoes you wear. What are features necessary for you?

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