It brings you a list of tips for combining shirts and ties. Achieving the right outfit is a challenge for men’s fashion. Thinking of those men who find it more difficult, we will discuss the basic rules to achieve a good result.

How to combine shirts and ties?

There is no perfect combination between shirts and ties; there is a safe option. The simplest way to put together an outfit with these two pieces is to choose a shirt in a solid color and a patterned tie. But you don’t have to stick with this option.

Other combinations will allow you to show your personality, whether you prefer a classic look to impose presence or take risks with fashion. There will always be a way to say who you are wearing these garments.

A basic rule of thumb when putting together this outfit is to start by choosing the shirt and jacket and then the tie. When you get to this point, remember that solid colors give more authority than those with patterns. Larger patterns are more casual, and knit links are stylish and even more relaxed.

In the men’s wardrobe, this accessory should not be missing. According on the occasion, you can play with colors, patterns, and textures. But there are some basic combinations of ties that should be clear.

  • If you want the tie to stand out from the outfit, choose a color darker than the shirt and jacket. You are avoiding solid colors like yellow or red.
  • Wear black ties over light colors, not with a shirt of the same color.
  • Red and orange ties go well with white and blue shirts.
  • The green and blue ones also stand out with the classic white, but you can also wear them with lighter shades of the same color.
  • As for patterns, the main rule is patterned ties on plain shirts and vice versa.

A tip for correctly combining shirts and ties is always to look for them to be of a darker color.

General rules for you to combine your shirts with ties

The most appropriate combination will depend mainly on occasion you will dress. A formal party, an executive meeting, or a casual outing will all have rules. The last option is the one that will give you more freedom; However, there are still some basic rules to follow.

Everything must start with the choice of suit. According to the style and color, you will choose the other garments. See how the shirt looks under the jacket. Generally, if the jacket is plain, you can buy printed shirts. On the other hand, if the suit has any pattern, it must be direct.

Having this first combination ready, you go on to choose the tie to complete the set. Following the rule above, wear solid-colored ties if the suit is patterned.

The following rule focuses on patterns. Although the basic combinations say that plain goes with a design, that doesn’t mean you can’t break that pattern. It is possible to combine a small way with a large one. What you should avoid is that they are the same size. We will delve into this aspect later.

As for colors, find a way to create contrasts in your outfit without losing harmony. The idea is that there is a balance between the colors you use.

Another rule has to do with textures. To combine them, similar laws are followed as with prints. Silk is synonymous with elegance and formality. The woven and velvety ones are more casual. In addition, the latter is more frequent in autumn and winter than in warmer times.

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