Ideally, you should wash your clothes right after the exercise session. we know that this is not always possible. So, how to wash technical clothes if you don’t meet the first requirement at first?

If you can’t wash your clothes immediately, hang them up to dry. You can also take advantage of bath time to give it a quick first wash. This way, you remove the most superficial dirt, and later you can wash it in depth.

When the clothes have a very strong smell, place them to soak in a bit of water with vinegar. Baking soda also helps neutralize odours. Leave your clothing in this mixture for several hours and apply the usual wash.

It is also essential that you do not mix used sports clothing with the rest of the clothes, neither in the basket nor in the washing machine. This will create the proper environment for bacteria to reproduce.

Each garment needs special care.

Each piece is different, and you must protect the fabrics according to how they are made and their function. Both shirts, pants or skirts must be washed in cold water and hung to dry.

Although you think the heat of the water and the dryer will help eliminate bacteria faster, this is not the case. On the contrary, the fabrics will absorb foul odours faster.

The heat from the dryer also damages the components that give clothes elasticity. For this reason, sports bras must be dried naturally, so they do not lose their properties. Also, to prevent them from deforming, you must have more than one and rotate them; don’t use the same every day.

Also, take care of sports socks. Do not use fabric softeners or detergents that contain chlorine, especially if they are made of wool, because they damage the fabric.

Cycling clothing is also machine washed in cold water on a delicate cycle. Let it dry naturally, and under no circumstances, take it to an electric dryer.

In the case of neoprene suits, they must be rinsed after each use to remove any remaining dirt. Then it is placed for 15 minutes in a mixture of fresh water with baking soda and rinsed again.

Hang it upside down on a plastic hanger, by the waist and do not place it in direct sunlight.

How to wash sneakers?

clean-sneakers-sports Shoes should also have special care. Wash each part of the shoe separately. Remove the laces and place them in a delicates bag and put them in the washing machine. The rest you have to wash by hand.

If at the end of your routine for the day, the shoes have dirt or dust, remove it with a soft brush. If it’s mud, let it dry and then apply the same technique. Mix water with a little detergent to remove stains from the outside. Finally clean with a damp sponge and let dry.

Do not use a dryer, hair dryer or place them near a direct source of heat because it could damage the material of the shoes.

To remove dirt and stains from the sole, scrub it with an old toothbrush and a mixture of baking soda and detergent.

If you can remove the inner insole from the shoe, wash them and let them dry separately. If not, sprinkle on some baking soda when you go to let them dry.

A trick that Active gives us to avoid odor in shoes is to sprinkle a mixture of baking soda, baking powder and cornstarch inside before each use. This will keep your running shoes cool.

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