The holidays and the good summer weather are over; today, at sneakers rules excellent store buying branded clothing online; it lets you know what you cannot miss in your wardrobe this winter, and thus, you can survive the cold but with a lot of styles. Discover the trends and pieces you should acquire in the following post we have prepared for you.

The coat is the quintessential star of winter; it is the one that will protect us from the cold. Those patchwork styles are the must of this season, there are several styles, and the different fashion houses are betting on them, especially the low-cost ones. The best of these are their multiple colours, which you can use to combine and, thus, not always look the same.

You can see yourself as an executive -with shades of grey, black and white- or give your look a fun touch with colours: pink, blue, red, black, brown, etc. With jeans and high boots, you will look great. As for styling, if you have thick hair, go for waves to complete a super feminine look that catches the eye.

Prints and colours you must have

Floral prints, although they are usually worn more in the spring and summer seasons, are more constant in the colder months, winter-autumn. Many firms bet on these prints in winter dresses and oversized coats that are excellent because they will protect you from the cold but with a lot of style and personality. What you do have to consider is not to abuse these; if you wear flowers, remember to complement the look with essential pieces such as white or black.

The designers are betting on good things for the coming months, one of them being the yellow or gold total look. Whether in long dresses or coats, several houses have this proposal to give a little “color” to the coming days and thus “highlight” among the others who choose between slightly more solid colours such as white or black.

In contrast to yellow, different shades of purple are slightly more subtle; if you are a bit more classic and want to wear something other than the classics: white, black and grey, this is a good option. Give another tone to the cold winter. A workshop suit with this tone, accompanied by a black coat, will be a visual impact -positive- for some office days. Ralph Lauren gave something to talk about with the dresses that she presented at New York Fashion Week.

Accessories that cannot be missing from your wardrobe this winter

They are a constant in the fashion world; they are always back, and this season, they made their triumphant appearance. They are ideal for women with thin legs who want to wear mini skirts but at the same time need to protect themselves from the cold. They will give you a little more projection of stylized legs because they reach above the knee and are thick and high heels. They are a classic wardrobe staple. There are also some platforms proposals for girls who need to project a few centimetres more.

It is always tricky for women to select the perfect bem, and a bucket bag is an excellent option. It would help if you took many things with you and a few you want to leave behind. Although the task is somewhat complicated, it is not impossible. They are characterized by being the most comfortable because they are large -although certain houses have a mini version-. You have to choose from because there are simple ones, others more elaborate with studs and fringes -with nods to the 90’s style- and in brown, black and navy blue.

The neck is one of the parts of the body that we must protect the most from the cold. To avoid colds, it also has to be kept warm to help balance body temperature; what better way to do it than with a fur stole, which is also perfect for decorating our style and provides us with the necessary protection? Like the patchwork coats, some are soberer and others more colourful; your style and personality will be in charge of selecting the right one to complement your look.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Fashions that come back

Whether in jackets, coats, suits, dresses, or a piece with velvet, it will come in handy for a casual outing with your boyfriend or your friends. British designers have multiple proposals, and many collections have this type of fabric as the protagonist.

This season “the bells are ringing” again. Seventies fashion is here, giving a bit of competition to the king of jeans, the tube cut. Some Hollywood stars are already wearing it with excellent style, and it is appearances. There are some models of flared pants with a high waist cut, and the boot model is also VA; some are higher, and others are lower. It is ideal for winter because they are more comfortable wearing boots.

The chic boho style is the great inspiration of several fashion designers this season; they are tor; theyeen lovers of the seventies and nineties style. Wide skirts, and printed blouses with dark colours, are part of this bet that will allow you to build a relaxed look. You can make combinations of different types to take advantage of your bohemian facet.

What do you think of these recommendations that cannot be missing in your wardrobe this 2016? Will you follow any of these trends? Could you leave us your comments and opinions?

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