Helium 10 is here to give you a thorough Black Box overview if you’re seeking for an Amazon product research tool with a quick turnaround and good results! Black Box by Helium 10 helps sellers identify their next product by providing accurate Amazon product research findings in only a few seconds. To learn more about Amazon product research you can visit the below link:


The Black Box tool is among the most potent and important tools that any serious private label or eCommerce store should retain in their inventory due to the number of hours of manual search it eliminates. It can also help you identify a gold mine of profitable keywords, so it goes beyond just helping you find things.

It can also help you identify a gold mine of profitable keywords, so it goes beyond just helping you find things. Sadly, the majority of Amazon sellers are unable to utilize Black Box to its fullest extent since they don’t know how to use it properly. Black Box, which uses specialized information from Amazon’s API, is essentially a research tool that enables you to view the search traffic for various product terms on Amazon (application programming interface).

Overview of Black Box

Any Amazon product search run through Black Box can be customized with various criteria and filters. In the example below, only items in the Baby category of Amazon with at least $10,000 in monthly sales, no more than 200 reviews, one seller, and a rating of four stars will appear in the search results. Within a few seconds of selecting Search, significantly over 200 results were returned. Below is the list of things which you should pay special attention.

Product Title





Average Monthly Sales

Fulfillment Type

Product Size Tier

Average Monthly Revenue

Product Price


Number of Sellers

Actions Available

The Most Comprehensive Amazon Product Search Tool performs following functions:

  • On Amazon, discover ideas for products that are in high demand and face little competition.
  • Using intelligent filters, get unanticipated inspiration based on your precise requirements, specialty, and preferences.
  • Organize, sort, and save results for later use.

Final thoughts

The “Sort by” drop-down menu has a number of options if you want to order the results a certain way to discover what you’re looking for more quickly. A technology called Helium 10 BlackBox is used to find products that meet the seller’s specifications. The tool was created with different search filters in order to make finding products on Amazon easier.

A program called Helium 10 Black Box combines strong data sets to assist merchants in discovering their next market-dominating offering. It accomplishes this by identifying products that are currently successful sellers and examining those products to determine their advantages and disadvantages.

Black Box notifies you when it discovers a product in your niche that has the potential to succeed so you can choose whether to pursue it. The tool is essentially a modernized version of the classic “punch card,” which provided information on the quantity of keywords a product was ranking for, its revenue, and the frequency of product sales.

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