In order not to overload or overshadow your look, we do not recommend using some of these pieces. Save them for spring because many of them will come with force in that season.

  • Costume jewelry or ethnic pieces.
  • Patterned hats or elegant colors.
  • Heavy pieces of jewelry.
  • Bulky bags.
  • Fine cloth scarves. It can be worn alone if a scarf is worn underneath.
  • Arabic and lace scarves (little protection).
  • Shoulder-length earrings.

Accessories for men in winter

For men, neutral colors and geometric and classic styles are imposed as a trend in accessories. Rustic-style men’s jewelry has also become popular in recent years.

Among the recommended accessories for men are messenger bags made of resistant fabric and fleece. Also, ball caps, fedora hats, backpacks with leather details, personalized watches, ponchos in neutral colors, and striped or checked scarves (multiple shades). For boys, the use of bulky and spacious bags is recommended.

The minimalist style is the one that prevails in gentlemen, although some may dare to play with colors in their daily clothes.

Final tips to highlight your winter look

  • Verify that the materials of the accessories are of quality. Pay special attention to this point in functional garments such as hats, gloves, scarves, and foulards.
  • Solid, neutral colors are best for accessorizing with studs, glitter, or laminates.
  • Take advantage of the end of the season to acquire these garments in sales of up to 50%. Fashion is cyclical, and everything always ends up becoming a trend.
  • Aware of the good deals, take the opportunity to look for a winter jacket with a fur collar. This works itself as an accessory to highlight your look.

Indeed these accessories will highlight your look in winter. Tell us in the comments which plugins from the list you use daily. Do not forget to follow our updates on social networks and visit our online store to find out about the best offers on branded clothing.

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