How do you think people learn about your personality and character without speaking to you? Look at your mannerisms and how you talk and conduct yourself around people. In addition, they can determine your character and personality by the fashion you choose to wear. Furthermore, your style can be traced back to the stores you bought it from, and people can go as far as reading reviews such as Harrison fashion reviews to discern the type of shopper you are. People also use clothing to communicate any activism they might take part in and shop from companies that support the same course. However, the best way to figure a person out through their clothes is to visit online reviews such as Rebellious fashion reviews and see if any thoughts they have left match their fashion choices. This blog will explore the importance of fashion and style in communicating your personality.

Wearing only designer brands

People who only wear fashion brands like Gucci, Armani, Luis Vuitton, etc., communicate that their personality enjoys the finer things in life. In addition, designer brands are costly, and if someone is wearing them from head to toe, people might think they are rich and stingy. Furthermore, the style of a brand is very luxurious, which could only lead others to feel the personality of such a person is boastful.

On the other hand, some people may be wearing designer brands, but they did not purchase them but received them as a gift. Will your judgment still be the same, and will you still call them arrogant? There is a fine line between what others wear and what it says about them, especially if you don’t have the entire back story.

A sporty look

Wearing sports and athletics attire can be very confusing, especially if a woman wears the clothes. Not to sound anti-feminist, but society encourages everyone to expect men to be wearing coaching apparel and trainers. Therefore, when a woman is dressed like this, many people immediately conclude that the woman is trying too hard to fit in. Even though this is not the case, a sporty style can also let people believe that sports are all the person wearing the tracksuit knows.

Making a statement through your clothes

Many modern-day activists tend to dress up and protest not just by mouth but by dressing in statement pieces, either custom designed or sold in fashion-forward stores. And some stores use protest apparel to become successful. For example, suppose you are a gender-based violence activist. In that case, you could wear a sweater with a famous saying by people who were abused, like “no means no” Furthermore, you could be on a spiritual cleanse and use the psychedelic color caftans to communicate your position in life.

Then there is the dress code that communicates your identity to strangers. In addition, many culturally enriched people wear their traditional garb every day, and passersby on the street can understand which religion or spiritual practices that person believes in just from looking at their clothes.


So yes, clothes are essential in communicating who people are when they cannot say, but do the pros outweigh the cons? Some people have often misinterpreted some style designs over the years, confusing some skimpy outfits worn in the heat of summer for sexy wear. More so, anyone can wear clothing to mislead others by pretending to be either religious or professional. Therefore, this blog has showcased how vital fashion and style are in presenting people’s personalities.

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